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Author: Kirsty Russell

Family Travel A to Z: Quiet Time

Holidays can be amazingly exciting. Lots of things to see, so much to do and, of course, new experiences to savour. But, holidays do not need to be all go-go-go. For many families, particularly those with young children, quiet time is a must to avoid overwhelm, over-tiredness and full-on meltdowns. At home it’s easy enough to put the kids down for an afternoon nap or provide them with some quiet activities to give them the opportunity to get the rest and down-time they so desperately need. However, away from home, confined to a smaller space and lacking some of...

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Family Travel A to Z: Planning Your Holiday

You’ll either absolutely love the process of planning your journey or intensely dislike it. I love the process of planning, up until I get to the point where I am completely overwhelmed by choice and options and decisions. At that point, I just want to walk away. But you really can’t do that! If you want to ensure the best possible holiday with your family, you need to take the time AND make the effort to undertake proper planning and preparation. The easy way is to walk into a travel agent and get them to put together your dream...

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Family Travel A to Z: Overseas Travel

Many of the suggestions in this series have been relevant whether you plan to travel domestically or internationally with your family. But, I wanted to concentrate solely on travelling overseas today as there are some unique challenges that face any family contemplating a holiday beyond their own borders. It can be daunting even considering taking your kids overseas. There’s the expense of the travel itself and getting passports. You have potential language and cultural barriers to overcome. There could also be issues with food and dietary requirements and then there’s the time difference factor. However, overseas travel is well...

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Family Travel A to Z: No Expectations

The biggest challenge of any holiday is managing everyone’s expectations. Everyone dreams of a perfect holiday where everything goes to plan and nothing gets in the way of your enjoyment. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t always work that way and it is inevitable that something will go wrong or not meet up to you or your family’s lofty expectations. This is especially relevant for families with kids with special needs. We have to closely manage our son’s expectations, in particular, so he does not completely meltdown when something does not meet his very specific plans. When we travelled to NZ,...

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Family Travel A to Z: Menus

One aspect of family travel that really grates on me is finding good quality food when you’re limited in what you can prepare and cook yourself. I dislike the reliance we seem to have on fast food or takeaway options every time we go away as a family. I really love a home cooked meal and after a week or so of dining out on junk, I’m hanging out for a well cooked cut of meat and lots and lots of veggies. There are ways you can get around this of course – staying in self-contained accommodation is the...

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