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Month: April 2018

Family Travel A to Z: Zero Excuses!

I’ve just spent 25 posts discussing different aspects of family travel. We’ve tackled big and small issues, looked at broad and specific challenges and have covered pretty much the whole spectrum when it comes to family travel. I hope you now realise family travel is possible, even if you are an autism family, like us.   Complete list of posts – Family Travel A to Z series   It can be daunting to put so much on the line to go travelling. It can seem like a risk that’s too much to take, particularly when there’s no guarantee of...

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Family Travel A to Z: You Only Live Once (YOLO!)

Like most autism families we were held back from travel by our fears for a long time. There are many barriers to overcome when autism is in the mix. You’ve got to deal with change, sensory threats, social interaction and communication, obsessive special interests, anxiety, financial stress, lack of support, problematic behaviours and your own mental wellbeing. For most families, it can seem too much of a challenge. With two of our kids diagnosed with autism, anxiety and sensory processing disorder, we couldn’t see how we could travel while managing their very different needs, sensory preferences, triggers, information requirements...

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Family Travel A to Z: eXtra Travel Tips

We’ve touched on so many tips already in this series, but it’s time to look at some autism specific tips for family travel. Travelling as a family poses a lot of challenges. However, travelling as an autism family present many more and they can seem insurmountable at times. The biggest challenge for autism families who want to travel, is getting up the courage to give travel a try. I know that was our biggest challenge. We could not see how we could make travel work, with kids who needed consistency, routine and familiarity. Travel is none of those things....

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Family Travel A to Z: Wellbeing

Preparing for a holiday usually involves a whole lot of busyness. It’s easy to forget your own needs and wellbeing in the midst of the planning and preparation process. However, our own wellbeing should be at the top of the list of priorities for travelling families. It’s not uncommon to push yourself so hard in those last weeks before a holiday, that you find you fall ill just as you’re ready to take off. The pressures of finishing tasks at work, the strain of getting your kids ready for the trip, the stress of making sure you don’t forget...

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Family Travel A to Z: Visas & Passports

Visas and passports are vital if you’re looking to travel overseas. They are the documents that prove your identity and grant you entry into foreign countries. It’s essential these documents are in order for you, and for every member of your family, before you leave. Else, you could be denied entry and deported back home. To travel safely, your passport needs to be valid and not close to the expiry date. You need to be honest about your reason for travel to ensure you are issued with the correct visa. You need to be able to afford the application/renewal...

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