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Author: Kirsty Russell

Reflecting on Our Holiday Planning and Preparation

Hi there! After a hiatus due to #ourUSAadventure, we are back home and ready to get back into blogging and writing and working again. Our trip was wonderful – it went better than we could have ever expected. It’s rare that something you build up in your mind lives up to your expectations. In this case, my expectations were exceeded by the reality of our adventure. It really was a holiday of a lifetime and I’m so pleased we took the plunge and did it, even though we did not have any guarantee of success. The key, as we knew...

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10 Strategies for Planning a Family Holiday

Recently we shared our plans (and our fears!) for our upcoming family odyssey to the USA. Last year I wrote about our tips for taking kids overseas based on our experiences in New Zealand and I wanted to expand on those strategies as well as share some additional tips with you today. 1. Develop an itinerary for the kids We have put together yet another awesome itinerary for the kids for the US. We are still putting the finishing touches on it but if you are interested in finding out what we mean by developing an itinerary just for...

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First glimpse at our family holiday of a lifetime

We are currently on the countdown to our dream family holiday to the USA. In 31 days we will be leaving the comforts of home and embarking on a 24 day odyssey from Los Angeles on the west coast, over to Orlando on the east coast and then finishing off with a cruise around the Caribbean (as you do!) We are all very excited as this represents the holiday of a lifetime for us. To be honest, it would be the holiday of a lifetime for many families. Among all the sights to see, we are heading to the mecca...

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