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Month: April 2018

Family Travel A to Z: Unexpected Events

Let’s get real. Things are not always going to go to plan and there is a point in every holiday when you’re going to have to deal with the unexpected. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into planning and preparation, the truth is, things can still go wrong – and they probably will. The hardest moment of all our travels was during our first 24 hours in Auckland, on our NZ adventure. Everything we had worried about (e.g. the flight) worked out beautifully. However, everything else seemed to go wrong, the minute we landed. We...

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Family Travel A to Z: Tours

Tours can take many forms. You can choose from part and full day tours to all sorts of destinations and attractions. Then, there’s organised tours, including accommodation, which can vary from an overnight adventure to a multi-week odyssey. Now, you may think organised tours are solely the domain of young adults under thirty and retirees over 55.  That’s certainly what I used to think – Contiki and Scenic being the first names to spring to mind, at the opposite ends of the touring spectrum. But, you’d be wrong. Organised tours are a safe and convenient way to travel to...

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Family Travel A to Z: Souvenir Shopping

It’s impossible to travel anywhere without the lure of the souvenir. It seems to be an innate human trait that we are driven to buy useless items to prove that we have been to a particular destination. You may not be into stubby holders normally, but a strange desire will see you purchase a stubby holder from each port you visited to proudly proclaim you have indeed been to the Caribbean (that may or may not have happened to us during #ourUSAadventure…) It is a universal truth that holidays and shopping go hand in hand. And there is nothing...

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Family Travel A to Z: Reflection

Blame it on my former life as a public servant, but I’ve always been a big believer in reflecting and reviewing everything you do. Looking back over events can help shape how you respond to them in the future and can make the world of difference when it comes to planning your next event – such as your next family holiday. Daily reflection by writing in a journal, updating your status online or sharing a moment on a travel blog helps keep those memories alive and becomes an important way to remember and celebrate your trip. Having a quick...

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Family Travel A to Z: Quiet Time

Holidays can be amazingly exciting. Lots of things to see, so much to do and, of course, new experiences to savour. But, holidays do not need to be all go-go-go. For many families, particularly those with young children, quiet time is a must to avoid overwhelm, over-tiredness and full-on meltdowns. At home it’s easy enough to put the kids down for an afternoon nap or provide them with some quiet activities to give them the opportunity to get the rest and down-time they so desperately need. However, away from home, confined to a smaller space and lacking some of...

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