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Author: Nathan Russell

Parkes Radio Telescope

We intended to do a quick pit-stop at the Parkes Radio Telescope as part of our journey south to Canberra. I remembered it from my own youth as a giant metal dish in the middle of nowhere with not a lot else going for it (though I do distinctly remember buying my first “real” book about astronomy there!). To my surprise, we ended up spending more than an hour exploring the information centre, taking photos of the radio telescope and generally learning more about both the telescope and the role that the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)...

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8 Hours in Orlando International Airport

An airport might be a weird place to gush about, but Orlando International Airport is almost a destination in itself. As someone who once spent eight hours there – with our autistic kids – I can tell you it sure beats being stuck at some other airports! I once spent an entire day in a Japanese airport, and not on the interesting, exciting side of the gates, where all the strangeness lives and the whole place looks like a left over set from the film BladeRunner. (Well, that’s how I remember my first late-night wander through Tokyo airport). No, I spent an...

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