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Author: Kirsty Russell

Family Travel A to Z: Gadgets

One of the challenges of going on holidays is deciding exactly what to take with you. You have limited space in your bag but you’ll be far away from home and don’t want to leave anything vital behind. Perhaps an even more important consideration for a family holiday is deciding what gadgets to bring along that will entertain the kids and make your holiday life a little more comfortable. My definition of a gadget in this post is anything that is a handy tool. You can have tech gadgets to keep yourselves and the kids entertained or household gadgets...

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Family Travel A to Z: Family Travel Fun

All holidays should be about fun. No question about it. Even if your holiday involves the stress of lugging multiple children, luggage, pets, toys and bicycles with you. And, every part of the holiday should have an element of fun about it too. Even the tedious bits that involve endless asking of that ever eternal question…”are we there yet?” If fun doesn’t always come naturally to you there are things you can do to bring some fun back into your travels. Take a cue from your kids – see the world through their eyes and start recognising the potential...

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Family Travel A to Z: Exploring

Even if you’re intending on spending your entire holiday lazing about the pool, there will be some element of exploration that will need to be done. For instance, you’ll need to find the way to the bar and, more importantly, the route to find the kids club so you can ensure a relaxing and kid-free day! Exploring is integral to every family holiday. It can be the central platform if you are road tripping cross-country or undertaking a big European adventure. Having the confidence to go out with your kids and make the most of your time away is...

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Family Travel A to Z: Documenting Your Holiday

The whole reason you go on holiday as a family is to explore the world together and share amazing experiences that you wouldn’t have the chance to share at home. Part of the joy of travel is documenting the journey so you can revisit the memories and the emotions of your stay when you are back on home turf. There are many ways you can document the journey. You can take photos or video to remember the main moments of the family holiday. Keeping a journal or a diary can also capture your thoughts and the feelings throughout. You...

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Family Travel A to Z: Clothes & Packing

Clothes are often one of those things that can fall off the radar when planning a family holiday. You can find yourself so busy planning the actual holiday and getting everything in readiness that you start packing at the last minute and then realise that your kids have nothing to wear. Or maybe that’s just me… What you will need to pack for your holiday will vary depending on the duration of your stay, the location and the amount of luggage that you can take with you. What does not vary when it comes to family holidays, is the...

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